The Polaris Advisor Program

Fast, predictable engineering processes for software delivery

Eliminate non-value added delays in your engineering process
using real time signals from your delivery toolchain

Reduce time to market,
Increase roadmap alignment,
Increase product quality,
Improve team collaboration

Ship Faster, Sustainably
using real-time engineering signals
  • Identify delays for work in progress as they happen
  • Reduce lead and cycle time for releases
  • Reduce latency throughout your engineering process
  • Reduce time to ship, from the first commit to release
  • Increase internal quality
  • Find and maintain a sustainable pace of delivery
A diagram showing key elements of the Value Delivery Optimization program using Ergonometrics.
A digram showing how  cost/value analysis can ensure alignment.
Work on the Right Things
with full visibility into true engineering capacity
  • Make all engineering work visible
  • Know how engineering capacity is actually allocated
  • Make plans using a clear picture of cost to value
  • Manage development risk using capacity budgets
  • Continually assess value delivered
Scale to the Enterprise
  • Value Streams model how you deliver value to customers
  • Work Streams and Teams model your product delivery process within a value stream
  • Analyze multiple value streams within Organizations
  • Start with a single value stream and team, and scale to large enterprises with multiple value streams, organizations, and teams.
Analyze delivery performance across Work Streams, Teams, Value Streams and Organizations
A diagram showing the  Company, Organization, Value Stream and Teams based scaling model
powered by
Real Time Telemetry


A Continuous Measurement Platform
that integrates data from your
delivery toolchain
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Progress, Delays, Quality and Cost
in real time
every time someone pushes code or updates a card or pull request.

Ergonometrics ®

A Process Agnostic Measurement Framework
for the messy middle of software development

A diagram showing the measurements used in the Ergonometrics framework.
Real Time Diagnostic Measurements
Design through Coding, Testing and Delivery

Go beyond the DORA Metrics &
Optimize Value Delivery from End to End
Choose your Agility
SCRUM, Kanban, XP
for Individual Teams
Scaled frameworks like
SaFE or Less
for the Enterprise

Fast Feedback Loops

Plan Better and React Faster
when reality intervenes
Show Continuous Measurement Analysis techniques.

Introducing Polaris from Exathink

What all the engineers are working on

The Polaris App

Shows you all this every time someone
pushes code or updates a card or pull request
“I really liked how Exathink is helping CTO’s to measure development cycle, costs of developing features. Which helps use to give accurate understanding of project timeline.”
Arber White
Founder, CEO