If you are struggling with software delays

and have trouble figuring out why

We can help you  find the root causes, and fix them with actionable data and insights

What should I expect? 

Faster time to market

30-50% improvements in engineering cycle times

10-20% improvements in feature development times.

Higher ROI on Engineering Spend

10-20% more engineering effort devoted to feature and platform work
non-value added defect fixing work.

Improved Team Collaboration

Real time visibility into slowing and stalled work to improve situational awareness and let teams spot problems and react faster.

"Actually seeing the costs and impact of delays in our engineering process through the lens that the Polaris Advisor Program provides was truly eye-opening! "
Country Head, India
A US Based eCommerce & FinTech business
“The real time WIP inspection techniques introduced by the Polaris Advisor program have been super helpful for identifying bottlenecks in our process in real time.”
Andrew Elchuk
VP. Engineering, HCareers

Polaris Advisor
A Technical Advisory Program

To Improve Product Development Flow

Supported by Polaris, A Real Time Measurement Platform from Exathink Research

Improve the Flow of Work
using real-time engineering signals
  • See your process and code flow delays as queues and manage them with process signals from your delivery toolchain.
  • Create and maintain optimal flow through development and delivery with Flow Monitoring, focusing on managing the flow at key constraints.
  • Identify when work slows or stalls in real time across all your value streams
  • Manage supply and demand for product development capacity
  • Know precisely where your process improvements will yield maximum impact.
A diagram showing key elements of the Value Delivery Optimization program using Ergonometrics.
A digram showing how  cost/value analysis can ensure alignment.
Manage Value Streams
with full visibility into true engineering capacity
  • Map your value streams to understand how development work streams align to customer journeys.
  • Align your engineering capacity to ensure teams are delivering value.
  • Make plans using a clear picture of cost to value
  • Manage value at risk using capacity budgets
  • Continually assess value delivered
From Ideation to Adoption
  • Value Streams model how you deliver value to customers
  • Work Streams and Teams model your product delivery process within a value stream
  • Analyze multiple value streams within Organizations
  • Start by optimizing a single value stream and team, and scale to large products with multiple value streams, organizations, and teams.
Optimize delivery performance across Work Streams, Teams, Value Streams and Organizations supported by the Polaris Platform at each level.
Company, Organizations, Value Streams and Teams

Why it works

In a nutshell, we give you all the data you need to improve the flow of work and the flow of code, throughout your product development process, from ideation through adoption, and show you how to use it to make precise, targeted improvements in your product development process.

Product development work spends 50% or more of the time waiting in queues.

Typical reasons are multi-tasking, handoffs between people and teams, code reviews, unclear requirements, inefficient branching strategies, and manual QA and release processes.

All these manifest as queueing delays.

Work stalls, but it's not always clear why.

If you are not running a shop with modern software engineering practices, almost all of these delays will be due to poor flow of work at the back end: in manual QA, defect flow-backs, and release processes.

But even if you run a modern shop, queueing delays on the front end of the process can account for over 80% of the remaining process time.
Here, poor information flow manifests as queueing delays.

Reducing these delays is a necessary pre-requisite to improving the end-to -end flow of value in product development.

Eliminating them in the right places means more gets done with the same number of people,
and the work gets done faster.

All with little or no additional investment.

We'll show you how to do that, with hard numbers to back it up.

How it works

Real Time Telemetry


A Continuous Measurement Platform
that integrates data from your
delivery toolchain
into queueing network models
in real time
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Polaris is a best-in-class SaaS measurement and process analytics platform
that models the flow of work and the flow of code throughout the product development process with real time updates any time someone pushes code or updates a pull request or ticket.

A lot of invisible work in software development happens at the code level, and you need to make this work visible and observable to understand where the non-value-added delays are.

Our techniques are based on mathematically sound, and well-understood principles from queueing theory that have been successfully applied in many fields over the last century.

Polaris takes low-level engineering signals from your delivery toolchain and updates the parameters of a queueing network model in real time.

This lets you visualize the flow of work in granular detail, and helps identify critical bottlenecks and non-value-added delays in every part of your process.

Polaris simplifies the process of gathering and abstracting the low-level data that drives the high-impact improvements you make to your product development process.

Ergonometrics ®

A Process Agnostic Measurement Framework
for the messy middle of software development

A diagram showing the measurements used in the Ergonometrics framework.
Real Time Diagnostic Measurements
Design through Coding, Testing and Delivery

Go beyond the DORA Metrics &
Optimize Value Delivery from End to End
Choose your Agility
SCRUM, Kanban, XP
for Individual Teams
Scaled frameworks like
SaFE or Less
for the Enterprise

Fast Feedback Loops

Plan Better and React Faster
when reality intervenes
Show Continuous Measurement Analysis techniques.

Introducing Polaris from Exathink

What all the engineers are working on

The Polaris App

Shows you all this every time someone
pushes code or updates a card or pull request