The Polaris App

A Guided Tour

The Polaris App is designed as a collection of linked dashboards each focused on a specific Perspective for analysis. Dashboards are linked via data points and you can typically drill down or up between perspectives and levels of detail with our fast and responsive UI and explore your data and understand the underlying drivers in detail, in a flexible manner.

The UI is meant to be interacted with. It's not a just a static display of numbers. Our philosophy is not to give you answers up front in a canned fashion, but to give you the tools to find the answers you need by exploring the data from different perspectives and levels of detail.

Every high level data point exposes the underlying driver data that makes it up, and if these are drawn from different perspectives of levels of detail, you can then drill down into them, all the way till you reach an individual commit, or pull request or card update.

The dashboards themselves consist of specific problem solving widgets, and you will see these widgets being used from different perspectives in the application.

The application is designed so that you can get a real "feel" for how your team works, by looking at the data, by formulating questions and exploring the data to find the answers.

We will continue to add new widgets and dashboards to the application as Polaris evolves.

This tour will show case a selection of current widgets and dashboard to give you a sense of how this works, so let's walk through a few of them..