Exathink Research

Dr. Krishna Kumar
Founder & CEO

Measuring the Work of Making Software

Since 2011, our mission at Exathink has been to help our clients maximize the customer value delivered by their software product teams. Our research driven advisory practice helps software companies implement data informed value delivery optimization programs to

  • Create delivery processes that reduce the time to value while improving product quality
  • Build a sustainable delivery culture that aligns software teams with customer and company goals

Despite being the beating heart of a multi-trillion dollar sector of the global economy, it is astonishing that there are still very few ways for software teams to make economically critical decisions to improve delivery processes using hard data.

We aim to fix that.

Our Philosophy

Value Driven
Factor user and customer value into engineering decisions
Economically Tangible
Measure value in terms of economically tangible quantities
Use data to identify root causes and improve outcomes
Support teams with data and tools to improve processes from the bottom up
Never compromise team trust, safety or health in achieving outcomes

Polaris Team

Dr. Krishna Kumar
Founder & CEO
Nearly 30 years of making software products as engineer, manager and CTO.  Leads advisory practice helping clients build continuous improvement programs for their product teams. Finally putting that CS PhD to use developing Ergonometrics™ and building Polaris.